How to implement OKR for a Saas Company – Podcast

OKR Workshop, Getting started with OKR

In this episode, Arthur Nobel discusses the OKR framework with our guest Zack Ross. How does a Saas company start using the OKR Framework. They touch upon OKR training topics like implementing the OKR framework, do’s and don’ts. How to determine priorities, OKR based compensation, the role that management plays, and more.

Zack Ross is an OKR consultant and the founder of He is also a Senior Technical Program Manager at VMware and a Global OKRs Coach and Mentor at Google.

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00:00 Background

5:10 Getting Started With OKRs

11:00 Common Challenges When Implementing OKR

14:20 How to Determine Priorities

16:40 Setting OKR Across the Organization

21:00 To What Extent Do CEOs should get involved in defining OKRs?

23:40 How to get Commitment 

29:00 OKR-based Compensations

37:30 Committed OKRs vs. Aspirational OKRs

40:10 How to use this framework in contexts of high uncertainty?

45:00 Tools and Content Recommendations

For more information contact Zack Ross with your OKR questions or click here for more workshop details.

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