Zack Ross, President of OKR Workshop in Vietnam with Google for Startup

Vietnam is full of innovation and entrepreneurship.  Zack Ross, President of OKR Workshop was recently invited to Ho Chi Minh City to be a mentor for the #GoogleforStartup#StartupAcademyVietnam

Zack had the honor of joining local and international technologists, business leaders and investors to mentor 25 startups.

The pioneer cohort consisted of these promising startups ranging across #healthtech#fintech#edtech#enterprisetech#agritech#blockchain etc solving big problems with innovative solutions for #Vietnam and beyond:

AirCity –
Anvest –
BenKon – –
Edupops –
Flambé –
Gcalls –
Halana –
Momby –
Phenikaa Maas –
SHub –
Smulie –
SoBanHang –
Tepbac – –
Trung Mua – –
Vietnam Blockchain Corporation –
Wellcare –
WordsMine –

“It was an honor working alongside all the mentors & speakers ( who invested their time and talent to help these startups unlock solutions for Vietnam & the region: Anh Nguyen, On Nhu Binh (Eric), Binh Tran, Bobby Liu, Bui Quang Tinh Tu, Cris D. Tran 🐲, Cuong Dang, Dennis Alund, DIEP NGUYEN, Diep T., Do Bui, Fabian W., Harrison L., Hao Tran, Hieu Tran, Hoang ChuDuc, Hung Tran, Justin Nguyen, Manisha Shah, Nam (Nathan) Nguyen, Ngan Le Huynh Kim, Oscar Lopez Alegre, Sagar Begale, Soham Mondal, Dam Thang, Thao Nguyen, Tien Nguyen, Phuong Tran, Tri Dung, Tran, Tu Ngo, Vy Le, and my Google colleagues.

Kudos to Thye Yeow Bok, Ha Lam Tu Quynh, VietHa Nguyen, Widya Noviana Putri Sukarta, @Lien Nguyen!” – Zack Ross, President of OKR Workshop

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