How to implement OKR for a Saas Company – Podcast

In this episode, Arthur Nobel discusses the OKR framework with our guest Zack Ross. How does a Saas company start using the OKR Framework. They touch upon OKR training topics like implementing the OKR framework, do’s and don’ts. How to determine priorities, OKR based compensation, the role that management plays, and more. Zack Ross is an OKR consultant and theContinue reading “How to implement OKR for a Saas Company – Podcast”

Can OKR change during the quarter?

OKR changing during a quarter? Generally speaking, company-level OKRs will not be adjusted during the quarter. But, please welcome back our old friend, “It depends.” There may be circumstances that demand a change in OKRs. One of us was working with the State of New Jersey just prior to Hurricane Sandy devastating parts of theContinue reading “Can OKR change during the quarter?”

How often should we set OKRs?

Setting OKRs How frequently you set OKRs is one of the areas you might modify. The default answer to how often you create OKRs is, of course, quarterly. One of the chief virtues of the model is this rapid rhythm, which ensures enhanced communication and learning throughout each twelve-week period. However, quarterly may not representContinue reading “How often should we set OKRs?”