Zack Ross, Presdient of OKR Workshop with Google AI startups in San Francisco

OKR Workshop

First thing to remember is that we understand your requirements and the environment in which you do business. We want your organization to have an impeccable experience in our workshops. Therefore our coaches will customize a workshop to help facilitate the implemention of the OKR framework just for your organization. We will work with your teams to turn your company’s strategy into execution by creating and writing effective OKRs.

  • History of OKRs and best management practices.
  • What are OKRs and how do they work?
  • Review case studies in OKRs.
  • OKRs implementation strategy – How are other companies using OKR?
  • Writing/creating effective OKRs (including practice/discussion).
  • Aligning OKRs throughout the entire enterprise for transparency & focus.
  • Inserting OKRs into existing strategic frameworks for seamless execution.
  • Employee engagement – what is it and why is it so important?
  • Do’s and Do Not’s of OKRs implementation.
  • Creating a Scorecard of Health Metrics; understanding the ‘dance’ between KPIs and OKRs.
  • Managing with OKRs and OKR Diagnostics
  • Tool Kit – setting you up for success.
  • We will review and provide written feedback on your company and team objectives and key Results.
  • We will provide webinars, tutorials, and follow-up as necessary.

OKR Training

In addition, you an learn the OKR methodology as a critical thinking framework which improves organizational focus, alignment, and employee engagement.

OKR Coaching

Also through customized coaching we will help your teams learn the essentials of an effective OKR process and implement industry best practices.

OKR Speaking

Not only do we offer coaching… but also offer speaking. Do you need an OKR expert to speak at your event? We have the best!

Strategy Consulting

Another service we offer is strategy consulting. We will work with your executive team to review, refine, and finalize a crystal clear strategy for your organization. We will help your organization develop a Mission, Vision, and Value Proposition.

Business Advisor

Even more so, we will work with your executive team to provide industry best practices, business insights, and thought leadership.

Event Coordinator

Lastly, don’t have a large staff to coordinate an OKR workshop on sie or offsite? Well our event coordinator will plan a customized offsite OKR workshop for your organization in a city of your choice.

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