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Zack Ross, President of OKR Workshop at Google For Startups

About OKR Workshop

Learn the OKR Framework, a collaborative goal-setting methodology used by teams and individuals to set challenging, ambitious goals with measurable results

Your organization will learn the best practices of this popular strategic framework. During the workshop, your team will learn how to write effective objectives and key results. In addition, your company will also learn to align those objectives and key results throughout the entire enterprise for transparency and focus. As a result, your company’s OKRs will fit into your existing strategic framework for seamless execution.

Google Startup Academy OKR Workshop

Our Services

OKR Training

Learn the OKR methodology as a critical thinking framework which improves organizational focus, alignment, and employee engagement.

OKR Workshop

We will work with your teams to turn strategy into execution by creating and writing effective OKRs.

OKR Coaching

Through customized coaching we will help your teams learn the essentials of an effective OKR process and implement industry best practices.

OKR Speaking

Need an OKR expert to speak at your event? We have the best!

Strategy Consulting

We will work with your executive team to review, refine, and finalize a crystal clear strategy for your organization. “Mission, Vision, and Value Proposition.”

Business Advisor

We will work with your executive team to provide industry best practices, business insights, and thought leadership.

Workshop Coordinator

Our event coordinator will plan a customized offsite OKR workshop for your organization in a city of your choice.

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