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Zack Ross, President of OKR Workshop

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OKR Workshop – Focus, Align, Engage, & Achieve Business Goals.

Implement the OKR Framework into your business strategy by coaches trusted by Google, Apple, Cisco, and more. Your organization will learn about the best practices of this popular strategic framework. During the workshop, your team will learn how to write effective objectives and key results. In addition, your company will also learn to align those objectives and key results throughout the entire enterprise for transparency and focus. As a result, your company’s OKRs will fit into your existing strategic framework for seamless execution.

OKR Fundamentals Training

Our global coaches lead engaging OKR training sessions to facilitate your organization’s implementation of the OKR Framework. Not only will you learn the do’s and don’t’ of OKRs implementation, but you will also learn how to create a scorecard of health metrics for your organization.

The OKR basics workshop will cover:

  • Why OKRs 
  • Definition and examples
  • Characteristics of effective OKRs
  • Generating alignment with OKRs
  • The OKRs creation process

You will also review business case studies on OKRs. And finally, we will review and provide written feedback on your company and team objectives and key results.

Zack Ross



OKR framework workshop in Belgium

Benefits of OKR

Objective and key results provide clarity, alignment, and accountability across the company in order to achieve your highest priorities.

All in all, objective and key results get everyone “working” in the same direction by focusing on what is most important to drive your company forward and achieve your mission and vision.

Here’s a small sample of our global workshops.